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LongStory Game

Jury’s Honourable Mention 12th International Mobile Gaming Awards


“I was inspired in a positive way by how much I enjoyed the strong storytelling in other narrative games like Gone Home. In a negative way I was inspired to make a romantic game that was welcoming to players who identified as gay, trans, lesbian or bisexual because it just seemed there weren’t that many options out there that were welcoming to LGBTQ players and also had strong storylines.”

Common Sense Media

“This story was clearly developed with great care and sensitivity, addressing real struggles such as learning disabilities, gender identity, and moving to a new school. The story is never trite, and its moments of comic relief — such as encounters with the silent, muffin-distributing Turkeyhawk school mascot — are genuinely warm and funny. Plus, Sasse’s text-messaging interactions with Nora feel true to life, and it’s a nice nod to how teens can feel more comfortable being self-disclosing online than in person. It’s frankly terrific that each character ends up being more complex than they first seemed, and there’s a lively fan community that keeps the story going on the developer’s website and social media.”


LongStory presents a world in which gender diversity and equality is accepted as a simple fact, offering a more utopian vision of a tolerant society in which people are judged based on their actions rather than their identities. Those actions can still be cruel because people still have the capacity to misunderstand and mistreat one another within those bounds, but that’s just life.

The game promotes diversity with a depiction of a functional, vibrant world that undercuts the nightmare scenarios and fearmongering of more conservative opponents, demonstrating that society won’t fall apart with greater recognition for non-conforming identities. It will keep going much as it always has, with people being kind and cruel to each other in roughly the same measure.”


“While most gendered characters have some traits of their assigned sex – causing the world to interact with them based on their perceived gender – “LongStory” opens up the playbook. Gamers can choose pronoun preference (they, she, he) and presentation, whether that’s cisgender (non-transgender) male or female or whether that’s masculine-presenting/feminine-presenting gender neutral. Or none of the above. Genderqueer and gender non-conforming players can see themselves in the game possibly for the first time, and players may replay the game with different gender presentations, opening up possibilities for what can be in their day-to-day lives.

That’s normalization carried around in your pocket, your purse, or your backpack, folks. And that’s a revolutionary thing, particularly for younger LGBTQ people. ”

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