Bloom Digital Media

A boutique game company that creates narrative driven games featuring authentic characters in the midst of pivotal moments and life-changing stories.

Our latest independent release is LongStory Game is a dating sim/role-play game focused on helping players build healthy relationships through immersive and inventive choice-driven storytelling.


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“LongStory presents a world in which gender diversity and equality is accepted as a simple fact, offering a more utopian vision of a tolerant society in which people are judged based on their actions rather than their identities.” – Eric Weiss, for Playboy

Adorable and addictive by Z. M. A. N.
“I started playing this game because I was interested in its LGBT inclusion. And I was pleasantly surprised with how addicting and amazing this game is. Each episode has been worth the cost. The story is always interesting. And i’m so glad I picked up the game. I dont attached long with apps. But I wish this would never end.”

The game is available on IOS & Android

Owner and Executive Producer

Miriam Verburg, Specialization: UX and game design

Miriam VerburgMiriam is a seasoned game designer and interactive producer with over 10 years experience in Montreal and Toronto working with non-profits, cultural organizations and broadcasters. Her work in the non-profit sector, particularly that with young people and communities with specialized needs, has given her a nuanced understanding of the realities of user experience and design for healthy outcomes.

She has led hands-on workshops in a variety of technology areas, and her practical, stepped approach to teaching complex subject matters helps students achieve goals and master new skills with confidence.

She is a member of the women’s gaming collective DMG-TO, Interactive Ontario, and a faculty member at Centennial College in the Interactive Digital Media and Children’s Entertainment post-graduate programs.